Logbook Servicing

When buying a new vehicle, the warranty that comes with it protects the owner from certain unexpected maintenance costs early in the vehicle’s life. To maintain your warranty, it’s required that you bring your vehicle to a reputable mechanic for regular logbook servicing.

 We service and repair all makes and model but specialising in Toyota vehicles, we can perform logbook servicing for all Toyota makes and models of petrol, diesel and LPG vehicles, from passenger cars to light commercial vans and utes and using Toyota genuine parts and Quality synthetic Penrite oil only

Roadworthy Inspections

Before selling or trading a secondhand vehicle, or re-registering a vehicle for use on Victoria’s roads, it must first pass a roadworthy inspection conducted by a VicRoads licensed vehicle tester.​

We can help drivers get their vehicle registered by conducting roadworthy inspections on all passenger vehicles, issuing Roadworthy Certificates to vehicles that pass, and detailing items that need repairing for those that don’t.

Brake Repairs

Your vehicle’s brakes are your vehicle’s most important safety feature, and often the one most subjected to wear and tear, making it important to keep your brakes in good condition.

At DL Auto Care we can repair and replace brake parts that might be affecting your vehicle’s stopping power, swapping in new brake pads, discs and drums as required. We can also machine new brake discs for your vehicle with our in-house brake lathe.

Wheels, Steering & Suspension

Problems with your vehicle’s handling and ride comfort can usually stem from wear and tear in your vehicle’s steering and suspension, or problems with your wheels and tyres.​

On top of repairs to your vehicle’s steering systems and extensive servicing of your suspension, we can recommend the right set of tyres for your vehicle, as well as fit, balance and align them for maximum benefit to your vehicle’s handling and ride comfort.

Clutch & Transmission

Problems shifting gears or staying in gear can be indicative of an issue in your transmission, which in some cases can require highly specialised repairs. Like many other areas in your vehicle, regular checkups can uncover issues in your transmission before they become more expensive problems.

Our specialty equipment can expedite the intricate process of servicing your vehicle’s transmission unit, getting your vehicle back in gear more quickly. We can also conduct other drivetrain repairs, from clutch pedal and hydraulics to replacement flywheels.

Radiators & Cooling

Your vehicle’s engine requires a healthy operating temperature to keep performing at optimal capacity and fuel efficiency. If you suspect your vehicle is overheating on the road, it’s best to pull over immediately before more permanent damage is done to your engine.​

We can check your cooling system for major issues, replacing faulty radiator units, heater units, thermostats and hosing. We can also conduct coolant flushes to dislodge any clogs or blockages.

Air Conditioning

With Australia’s unpredictable climate, having an air conditioning system ready to keep your cabin cool when you need it is practically vital to driver and passenger comfort.​

We can check your vehicle’s air conditioning system for cracks and leaks that might affect the cooling power of your system, and once we’re satisfied it’s airtight we’ll conduct a re-gassing, to ensure you’re kept cool at the wheel through the summer months.

Diagnostics & Auto Electrical

Some mechanical problems are communicated to the driver through warning lights on the dashboard, which often don’t communicate much more than your vehicle needs a mechanic.​

Our team’s top-of-the-line diagnostic scan tools can delve deeper into the data collected by your vehicle, empowering us to more quickly and effectively repair your vehicle. We can also replace a range of auto electrical components that might be causing trouble, from faulty batteries to worn out alternators and starter motors.

Body Repairs

We conduct both private and insured repairs for all makes and models, with free estimate, pick-up and drop-off services available with prior arrangement. We can also arrange for a loan car during repairs if you are not at fault or at fault, private job (conditions apply).

Our business has lawyer and independent assessor to service for your right with no fees and get back your car on road asap and prevent any further dispute occur during process of your case

With new tools and equipment, experience staffs, we conduct certain body repairs, from smash repairs to dent or rust removal, small to big job and  we always offer customer a high quality product and service, best options and benefits. ​​

Other Services

Our workshop offers a range of other services, including:​

  • Engine servicing, including fuel pumps and injectors
  • 4×4 system repairs
  • Economy system repairs, including hybrid vehicles
  • Coordinating local tow trucks to collect your vehicle
  • A wide range of replacement used parts
  • Windscreen replacement

Talk to our friendly staff to find out what else we can do for you and your vehicle!​